Hi guys,

I've created a booking form on my website for people to book appointments from a list of dates. I have it set to produce 120 days from the current day. It's been working fine all year but since the 120th day has hit December 31st/Jan 1st it's no longer producing the list. I can only assume this is due to it trying to look further than December in the same year - which there obviously isn't any more days in this year... So, how do I get it to start a new year, from Jan 1st..?

Any help would be great.

PHP Code:
<option selected disabled value="select-date">Select a date</option>

// Start date
$date date('l jS F');
// End date
$end_date date('l jS F'strtotime("+120 days"));

        while (
strtotime($date) <= strtotime($end_date)) {

"<option value=\"$date\n\">$date\n</option>";

$date date ('l jS F'strtotime("+1 days"strtotime($date)));