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Thread: Survey Form(for Hotel Online Website)

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    Question Survey Form(for Hotel Online Website)

    I'm new here!. Please help me..
    I'm developing a Website and I'm using wamp server as my local server. I'm now working on the Web Application(which features Survey and Testimonials) of my site. I'm quite having hard time on doing this since this is my first time to develop such site. This is for academic purpose only. However, this means so much to me.

    Here's my problem:

    I would like to make a testimonial field like this...

    (Only an SS. Credits to the site where I've captured this.)


    The 'view more' part is the important one as I would like to make my testimonial field that way that it wouldn't affect the whole website after clicking it as it will only turn on the next page of the comments(but still located on the container within the parent page).
    Please Help me!!! I'm looking forward for your response.. Thanks in advance!

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    Are your comments stored in a database? is so then use AJAX to update the box asynchronously so that you do not have to reload the page when someone hits "view more".
    If you are not using a database and are loading all the comments on page load then perhaps hide them in a div or something and use Javascript (or Jquery) to update the view field... in which case this has nothing to do with PHP.....

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    Yeah! I'm using database but I have no idea using AJAX. I was only introduced to php, js, and html..
    Can you give me idea on how to do it? or do you have example? I'm sorry.. I'm an amateur developer..
    Even a map for my website is still my problem.. haisshhh...

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    AJAX =Asynchronous Javascript
    Its just a way to query the server after the page has loaded without having to reload the page.

    Read more here: http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/

    Once you understand what AJAX is and how it works i can help further if you like.

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