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Thread: Doctype declaration

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    Red face Doctype declaration

    I've just finished my first website and I'd like to validate it, however, I need to know the 'Doctype declaration' and I don't have a clue.
    I've tried lots of standard ones given by W3C and other helpful HTML websites but none of them is right.
    You can visit my website if that helps: www.floatingpenguin.co.uk

    Thanks a lot,

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    You have not said what is supposedly wrong with the doctype? I cannot see anything wrong with it, except that, if it is a new site I would suggest it should be coded to HTML5 standards, not HTML 4 (loose). As to the coding in general:

    1. Why is it written using tables? That is a somewhat out-of-date coding style. Nowadays it should be written in DIVs.

    2. Why is it written fixed width? Another out-of-date coding style, which is unsuited to the growing mobile users.

    3. What purpose does the JavaScript serve? The look and feel of the site is very basic HTML, with no need for JS.

    Overall - A very mediocre site that is similar to my own first web site. My excuse for the use of obsolete code is that I wrote it five years ago, and I've subsequently rewritten it from scratch! What is your excuse?

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    Well below is the link where you can find doctype declaration for your validation code.


    Hope this helps.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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