I work for a company that has about 150 remote offices that are currently in charge of their own websites but are all a sub collection of the parent website. We are working on moving all of the websites in house but it is a long process. In the meantime, the managers would like to have a "Verified" image displayed on the sub sites of which we have already brought in house for our clients to see. Some of the sites we have the domain and hosting and some just the domain name. I was hoping that there would be a simple way that I could give something like an HTML page or meta tag to the sub sites and have them embed it in their homepage. This meta tag would check back to our hosted database that would give out 1, 2, or 3 to determine verification status. A small location in their footer will then display an image linked from our hosting with for example, green, yellow or red check marks based on their database field. Obviously these checks or images would refer back to our site to explain what they mean and the different color levels.

For example, we host the domain for a sub site. They get marked with a 2 and automatically the image on their footer turns to yellow. If we then bring their hosting in house we can change them to a 1 and they turn to green and become completely "Verified".

If three levels or changing the image becomes too complicated or can't be done, would it work better with just 2 levels and basically an on/off. If on, they get a check, if off, none.

I am very familiar with HTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL and decent with other programming languages.

Hopefully someone has an idea or suggestions for me,

Thanks in advance,