I am trying to develop a web app which will display an archive inventory of newsletters, books, etc. There is a program called Library Master that holds records of newsletters, books, etc. in databases. The idea is to export a database, save that information as an XML file, and then display it using a PHP/MySQL web app yet to be developed.

To start with, we can export all the information in a database, say the Newsletters database, and save it as a txt file. The file comes out with tags like [Newsletter] [Title] [Volume], etc. I have replaced the brackets [] with <> so now I have a file with <Newsletter> <Title> <Volume>, etc. However, the file does not contain any closing XML tags such as </Volume>. I have to go line by line and place the closing XML tags. I am looking for an automated method to quickly place the closing tags. Would anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

Note: most of the information is on a single line, but there is data that follows a <Description> opening tage which is multiple lines.

Jesse Heath