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Thread: What is the best tool to edit and see live CSS updates?

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    What is the best tool to edit and see live CSS updates?

    what is currently the best tool to use, to modify CSS and see it update 'live' and then be able to save from there? i used to use a plugin in Firefox to do this, but the CSS would have to be in the same dir as the HTML, which nowadays is useless. since i'm working in CodeIgniter or some other framework.

    i really need to speed up my process!, thanks

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    Try out with the below link:


    or can try with the chrome store.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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    This new IDE from adobe is pretty great, even has live reload of css. (just save, auto refreshes your browser). Plus a wealth of other cool stuff. Its built on HTML/CSS itself, which is pretty cool!

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    I think that the question of the "best" live updater is an oxymoron. I.e. You should not be live updating in the first place!!! It is a shoddy and unprofessional practice.

    Mind you, if you are just updating your personal blog, I suppose that does not matter?

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