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Thread: No page is indexed except main page

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    No page is indexed except main page

    Colleagues, Hi!

    I moved my site (I wrote about it before in neighbor branch) to better hosting and got the name for it.

    However, two or three days after I see that only main page is indexed by google: http://codeabbey.com

    However, I wished that pages like task list and wiki-like structure accessible via help are indexed too.

    They are not indexed (I check this by queries like "codeabbey square root") and I am thinking what could I miss:
    - do I need "robots.txt" (I have robots metas inside page and thought it is normal substitution);
    - or perhaps page names should be shorter (should I try to remove word "index" from them?);
    - or I need more separate backlinks to pages other than main;
    - or simply pages are not indexed simultaneously?

    I also would be greatly thankful to other SEO advises. Not that I want to be #1 on the web with this site (it is rather specific, I think) - but I at least want more than one page to be indexed as the time flows...
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