I am building a language learning web site. Part of the course content is delivered by video. I use PowerDirector 11 to edit and produce the mp4 video (h.264).

The video is shot in 1920x1080 and then produced in 1280x720 quality to mp4. I use Handbrake to compress this video before uploading.

The settings in Handbrake are:

Picture tab:
Output size: 640x368
Web optomised

Video tab:
Variable frame rate
Quality: Average bitrate 1500(kbps)
2 pass encoding

Audio tab
Audio bitrate: 128

I then run the file through the MetadataMover.exe (http://rndware.info/products/metadata-mover.html) which allows the video to begin playing while it is downloading.

I use the JWPlayer 6.6 (html5) player to play the video in the web site.

The issue is that the video is not playing very well, it stutters and sticks etc.

Does anyone have any idea what I might do differently to get this playing correctly?

Thanks in advance,