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Thread: Hiding records from one user but not for another

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    Question Hiding records from one user but not for another


    Set up a website that allows a management user to add/edit/delete notices for staff users to read.

    Upon reading, staff users can select "Mark as seen" and the idea is that it hides for them, but not for other users - however, the query I'm using doesn't seem to be working properly in that if I had notice1, notice2 and notice3 once "user1" hides "notice1", no notices appear for "user1".

    PHP Code:
    SELECT FROM notices WHERE staffCat<='".$_SESSION['UserAccess']."' AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT FROM noticeseen WHERE user='".$_SESSION['UserName']."')"; 
    Obviously I believe this to be in the 2nd half of the query, however,can't figure out how to limit to where user & id(noticeseen) = user(logged in) & id(notices)

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    I would think that the noticesceen table would include both a "user" and "notice_id" (or whatever name you used?) column? Assuming it does, then your not-exists sub-query would need to include it in the where clause, e.g.:
    PHP Code:
    "SELECT * FROM notices WHERE
    .$_SESSION['UserAccess']."'  AND 
      NOT EXISTS (
        SELECT * FROM noticeseen 
        WHERE notice_id=notices.notice_id AND user='"

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    Thanks, worked great.

    Knew it was something along those lines.

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