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Thread: Learning web development online!

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    Learning web development online!

    I have really been interested in Web development for the past 2 years. But there are no courses where I live, so 2 years ago I started to read through HTML books and go through free websites that teach online such as w3schools.com. But due to managing my time with school I found the books difficult to follow and the free online courses were too vague, too basic in other words.
    I got a lot of time on my hands now and I am going to start this project. Should I start again with the HTML, PHP, JavaScript books or go for paid online courses?
    A couple of online courses include
    Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript | Web Developer or Designer on reed.co.uk ( 356 GBP )
    WEB DEVELOPMENT SERIES on distant-learning-centre.co.uk ( 760 Hours for 300 GBP )
    Are these courses reliable? Does anyone have any good online course they can recommend that covers pretty much everything?
    So what do you guys suggest

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