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Thread: Please review my site

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    Please review my site

    Hi, please review my website

    Zwodnik is a great software directory, which allows you to quickly find the best free apps, software and tools for the Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. Features:

    * only the best free apps (no shareware or trial)
    * direct download
    * similar apps and games
    * mobile version
    * info about ads

    Site Address: http://www.zwodnik.com/

    Constructive critics and advise will be appreciated thanks.

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    My only criticism is that I don't think your site will ever rank on search engines because there is no content on the index page. You need some more content. But I like the site. Big buttons easy access. Add some content to let users know what your website is about.

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    First add unique and fresh content specially on home page. Do proper on-page optimization, create robot.txt, sitemap.

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