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Thread: Help with Troubleshooting

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    Help with Troubleshooting

    Ok here is the code I am using:

    PHP Code:
    if (mysqli_more_results($link)) {

    I am using this because I am running multiple stored procedures on the same page. The error I am getting is this:

    There is no next result set. Please, call mysqli_more_results()/mysqli::more_results() to check whether to call this function/method

    Wouldn't the above code do what it is asking me to do in the error? The error is coming on the line that is the mysqli_next_result($link) so that is the confusing part. Is mysqli_more_results() not working correctly or what could be the problem?
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    I've never used mysqli_multi_query() (I assume you are?), so cannot contribute much based on experience. It does look, however, like you could not bother using that function, and just test whether or now mysqli_next_query() returns false or not.
    PHP Code:
    do {
    // do stuff with a result set here...
        // ...then:
    } while (mysqli_next_result($link)); 
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