1. Using clear navigation directions is important. Keep the site uncluttered and concise. The website should be user friendly and visitors should be able to navigate around the website with ease.

2. It goes without saying that graphics are indeed one of the most important factors in website design, but too many images can make the website heavy. Either reduce the number of images or use an image editing program.

3. Online readers are impulsive! Heard this before? Yes, they have a short attention span. Hence keep your text paragraphs at a reasonable length and also use a lot of white space on your website. Keep your readers alert.

4. Your website may look awesome on Internet Explorer but breaks badly on Firefox or Opera, what good is it for your business or your visitors? A best web design company would always suggest that your website must have cross browser compatibility. Using W3C validator could be of great help.

5. Scripting languages are great for handling data or manipulating data on your website.

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