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Thread: Do I need to grasp HTML,CSS, Javascript and PHP?

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    Do I need to grasp HTML,CSS, Javascript and PHP?

    Do I need to have a good grasp of all those 4 languages to create a website that you actually could sell?

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    I'd like to say yes, but no. Many sites are built using CMSs (content management systems) which, in theory, require no programming knowledge. What it takes to sell web sites is business acumen.

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    It also depends on what that hypothetical web site is intended to do. If it's intended to only do things fully supported by the CMS you choose, then you might be able to get away with not doing any actual programming. However, if you want to do something new and different (e.g. not just another web store for a Ma and Pa shop*), a pre-packaged solution may not provide what you need.
    * Hey, there's nothing wrong with that -- just not very interesting to me, personally.
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    yes this programming languages are the backbone of a web engineering you must have the command on them if you want to make a creear or you want to sell you site.

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    I'd say so, yes.

    If you want to "sell" a website, then the site will have to do something that not been done before, or something that is an improvement over an existing system which would make it worth selling. This will require coding using those languages or even outsourcing it?

    On the other hand, if your looking to sell websites by developing websites for other people, you could learn how to use wordpress and stick to that.
    You wouldn't be considered a fantastic web developer though, and probably wouldn't be very successful in the long run...

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