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Thread: Newbie question?

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    Newbie question?

    Hi guys,

    Since today I want to start using javascript, however using tutorials I seem to have some problem immediately.

    I have made some HTML file in notepad++ and named it HTML game. Afterwards I created a JS file named myscript. Within the HTML file I placed this code:

    <script src="myscript".js></script>



    Within the JS file just this:
    alert ("Hi there");

    Now when I run the HTML file nothing is shown, when I run the JS file I only see the plain text, nothing is executed. From viewing video's I assumed that this should work. Yes javascript is enabled.. Anyone can help? I placed both files into my wamp server which I just installed. Im running from localhost.

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    watch the quote marks

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    Just replace this <script src="myscript".js></script> with <script src=myscript.js></script>

    I think it should work

    Reply here if not work properly.

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    Always Quote Attribute Values

    Attribute values should always be enclosed in quotes.

    Double style quotes are the most common, but single style quotes are also allowed.

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