Hi Guys,
I have a pretty simple but I think anyways, cool idea for a desktop web page, which kind of looks and functions as the image in the link below:


So what's there is a custom map, that gives users an overview of a city. And the user can either click on an area of interest on the map or choose from the links/articles in text below the map.

These correlate to one another, so for example, when you click on the map, it'll open up or filter relevant articles (incl. streaming media).

Another feature is, if you click on the article, it will actually zoom in to the area in the map.

And based on information like "popularity" "hits" and "likes" within that article, the venue selected will be populated with 'people' accordingly like in the map image above.

Heh... I hope that makes sense?

I have a designer by the way who is working on the map, but I'm thinking of doing the website myself.

I don't know much about html, php and other web languages, but can anyone help me with some suggestions on the the subjects specific to this problem that'd you think I should to learn?

For example, I have a lynda.com account, and dreamweaver for dummies (4-in-1) version of the book, to learn from.

And if anyone can help point me in the best and most effective direction to tackle this project I'd be very very very - grateful.

I could also throw in a T-Shirt design by Keiji Ito just to show our gratitude.(http://www.graniph.com/en/product/pickup-KEIJI_ITO/)

Thanks in advance!