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Thread: Mobile web development tools

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    Mobile web development tools

    What are the mobile web development tools available?

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    Here are the most popular tools for mobile web development:

    Jimdo - quite intuitive platform for creating web sites

    GinWiz - focuses on keeping desktop and mobile web site editions in synchronization

    DudaMobile - is compatible with the major smartphone operating systems, including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Windows.

    GoMobi - offers a redirection code that sends visitors from your main site to whichever one might be best for their browsing experience.

    bMobilized - converts existing Web content into HTML 5 web sites.

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    Top 11 Mobile Web Development Tools Used at Mobify

    Sublime, text editing
    Bootstrap, prototyping framework, Free!
    Divvy, window management,
    Chrome and Webkit Inspector, debugging tools, Free!

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