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Thread: Newbie 301 .htaccss regular expression help

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    Newbie 301 .htaccss regular expression help

    What I have now...

    I would like all links to end with &page=1 like the link below...

    Can anyone help?

    &page=1 is the page number that I added after I designed my website and google has saved all my links without &page=1, so I want to do a permanent 301 redirect. I tried to read up on regular expression, but I'm finding it difficult to understand. Can anyone help?

    Thanks guys.
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    The problem is that the browser's address bar text does not change from example.com to www.example.com. It seems the redirect actually works because all the links on the pages are changed to www. And after clicking on any link from there it always continues to have www added.http://http://saleformobilephone.blogspot.com

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    Has this forum been over run with spammers?

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