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Thread: Font rendering, little differences between devices... why?

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    Unhappy Font rendering, little differences between devices... why?

    I've an htlm page with a custom font and a definite size. I used mu Lumia520 smartphone for make proofs and enstabilish determinate size of the rectangle and of the font. But while on my smartphone the words are regularly wrapped inside the rectnagle, on other smartphones or on desktpop they results little bigger and overflows vertically the rectangle of two lines!

    This is a simple exemple

    For what reason happen this? Thanks

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    It happens because your Lumia smart phone uses a different browser to other smart phones/PCs. That said, browser incompatibilities get blamed for a lot of downright bad code. So first verify your code! If that does not resolve the issues, you may have to accept that different browsers work differently. That is why you need to test your code on a variety of browsers.

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    Fonts are an issue cross-browser. It's really difficult to get it 100% across everything. If you havent already, make sure you're using a css reset, could help.

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