Hello all,

My problem
I have the problem that the latitude and longitude is continuously randomly refreshed.
I want this to refresh only every 15 seconds. How can I fix this problem?

Why I want this
If I could get control over the refreshing moments I can use a weather api to get more details of the location.
The problem with the weather api is that I can only do 10 calls in a minute.

The javascript function that is called in page ready:
function getLocation() {
        // maximumAge at 60000 (1 minutes) - Get new location if the cached location is older then maximumAge
        // timeout at 15000 milliseconds (15 seconds) - Timeout between new location calls
        var options = {enableHighAccuracy:true, maximumAge:60000, timeout:15000};
        geoLocation = navigator.geolocation;
        watchID     = geoLocation.watchPosition( getLocationDetails, errorHandler, options );
        alert("Sorry, browser does not support geolocation!");
That calles the getLocationDetails:"
function getLocationDetails(position) {
    // Let's fill the form with the latitude, longitude and accuracy
    document.getElementById("Waarnemingen_latitude").value   = position.coords.latitude.toFixed(7);
    document.getElementById("Waarnemingen_longitude").value  = position.coords.longitude.toFixed(8);
    document.getElementById("Waarnemingen_accuracy").value   = position.coords.accuracy;
I understand that I better could use Geolocation.getCurrentPosition(), but this one is not accurate enough.