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Thread: HTML noob needs advice

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    Exclamation HTML noob needs advice

    Hey guys I'm a new budding codemonkey but I am just starting to be able to know enough to do stuff.
    I had a older version of coffeecup on a flashdrive but it got corrupted and the latest one is not free.

    currently I'm really broke so could you guys hep me find a free-to-use WYSIWYG editor?

    my brother just googled it and found one I'm going to try called "Komposer" but I would love to hear about the ones you guys use as "seasoned" web-designers.

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    As a seasoned programmer, I wouldn't touch a wysiwyg editor with a disinfected barge pole. I use a good programmer's editor and view the results on actual browsers. There is no substitute for seeing what the actual browsers make of your code. This is particularly so if you are using HTML5/CSS3 code, which you should if you are just learning. Why learn an older version?
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