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Thread: Headers / Footers in Libre Office

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    Question Headers / Footers in Libre Office

    Hi all

    I ahve a question about modifyng headers/footers in libre office so thought to ask it here.

    I have a 25 page document, now what I want is I should have 3 differnt headers as per the following:

    Page 1 - 10 should have a header "Welcome"

    Page 11 - 20 should ahve a header "introduction"

    Page 21 - 25 should ahve a header "conclusion"

    How do I make this possible?


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    Probably would be better if you took advantage of LibreOffice's "Get Help" page. The "Ask LibreOffice" website page seems to be the best.

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    Adjusting of header was too difficult for me...!

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