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Thread: Reality Check range 0-99 problem

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    Reality Check range 0-99 problem

    Hi guys,
    I have a program that works fine, but I would like to add another check to the code. I want the user to only be able to enter numbers from 0-99. Can anyone suggest how I would do that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    function totalCost(){
        //declare variables
        var snicker = parseInt(document.getElementById("snicker").value);
        var twix = parseInt(document.getElementById("twix").value);
        var chips = parseInt(document.getElementById("chips").value);
        var salesTax = 0.05;
        var total = 0;
        if (!isNaN(snicker)) {
            total += (snicker * .59);    
        if (!isNaN(twix)) {
            total += (twix * .49);
        if (!isNaN(chips)) {
            total += (chips * .39);
        total += (salesTax * total);
        if (total != 0) {
            alert("The total is " + total);
            return false;
        } else {
            alert("Invalid total cost, please make a selection");

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    If you have a field that is numeric, then you can simply -0 from the string value to return a numeric value, eg.

    [CODE]var twix = document.getElementById("twix").value-0;[?CODE]

    in the HTML side of things, you can limit the number of character that the field will accept to 2 characters. You could attach a script to run on change to check that any character input is a number 0-99 as well.

    All the code you need is on developer.com and only needs searching for.
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