Hello, I'll make this quick. I'm 26 and looking for a career change. Though I never completed my degree in college I was there for 3 years, during which I worked for geek squad and did random freelance computer work to pay my bills. I've always enjoyed computers and never been afraid of math. For the past 3 years I've worked for a major national insurance company training their adjuster on the computer software they would be using as well as working to support all of our companies different web based programs and databases (ie battling with SQL 80% of the time.) I know that web development is completely different from anything I've done and really only gave those points to prove I have interest in setting around working on computer all day long and actually kind of enjoy it. I have enough money to pay the bills for the next 6 months saved up as well as some extra to put toward some sort of trade school. So my question would be, what advice would you give to someone who is new to coding, looking for a career in web development, unfortunately no college degree, and plenty of money with quite a bit of time to spend on and education. If you hung in there for the whole thing I really appreciate it and thank you a ton.