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Thread: click a link in one page, open another html page with sliding effect

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    click a link in one page, open another html page with sliding effect


    I need help. How to do, when I clik link such as (click here for more info) in index page, which is I use full page image with link, then it will open another html page with sliding effect. means click link, the next page slide in vertically.

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    Split the problem in to two parts:

    1. Standard link in page A to display page B in a new tab or window (target="_blank").
    2. Use Javascript (or HTML5?) to slide page B into view.

    However, if you meant that you want the new page to slide in over the old page, that will not do what you want.

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    you can try something like:

    loading your target content within an iframe

    or, use ajax method to load content

    or, make a sliding effect with your previously loaded content

    You can use .load() as used in the below example:
    $('#target_container').load('YOUR_URL', function() {
    // do something

    Another approach is ,can use .ajax() like following:

    url: 'YOUR_URL'.
    dataType: 'html',
    success: function(response) {

    Hope this helps.
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