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Thread: Problem in responsetext and if condition

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    Problem in responsetext and if condition


    Good day!

    I have a simple form for testing on displaying material data from barcode and I substr the value.

    for example the barcode = '10001CHE00102401100200250000.50'

    po_number = 10001
    item_code = CHE001
    supplier = 024
    uom = 01
    unique_id = 100200
    qty = 250000.50

    if the barcode has all its data or it has no problem or no missing info like po_number or item_code or the supplier from the database, it will display the information but if it is not match on the database data. I want to display a notification that the barcode is invalid.

    I attached my code, database and sample screenshots my problem is on displaying the notification .

    I tried to fix it but I can't figured out why it did not display.

    Thank you.
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