I have a webpage that, among other things, displays a video, plays an audio clip and displays words for the audio. Every thing works fine, except the video takes 10-12 seconds before enough of the file (~ 7Mb) is downloaded for it to start displaying.

What I'd like is to display a graphic that says the video is downloading and then replace (overlay) the graphic with the video when it's ready to display (timing isn't critical as the audio and words are not synced to the video). Here's the code I'm using:
    <table bgcolor="#6b8ab6" border=5 bordercolor="#2b405b"><tr><td>
      <embed src="AV_Files/ASongOfSpringz1.mp4" type="video/mp4"  width="400" height="230" LOOP="true"></embed>
    <EMBED src="AV_Files/ASongOfSpring.mp3" AUTOSTART="True" LOOP="false" bgcolor="#FEF4E4" height="16" width="410">
    <span id="showWords" style="color:#ffffff"></span>
    <script src="Script_Files/Show_Words.js"></script>
Any help with this would be appreciated.