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Thread: Can anyone help me?

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    Can anyone help me?

    So im pretty new to this world of PHP, im usually on the graphics end of doing things or just plain out fixing computers, but recently i was added the task of learning PHP quickly and using it to edit the companies website and such things... here is my huge problem?! (im learning php as fast as i can also)

    First question is... would i be able to download all the contents of my site into dreamweaver CS5 and edit it there?! even if it has PHP? seems it would be easier for me?! they use godaddy.com

    second question is this..kind of a big question, i hope i can explain it well...
    They need to have it when employees sign in it connects them to the right training videos for that position.. so example, company*ABC* signs in creates an online enrollment, and we hire them as HR manager, we need her account in training to have the right videos linked to her training module in the database... is it possible to link the right videos when she clicks on who she works for and the positions...

    as i said i know big question, and a lot has been thrown on me, so im trying to figure out the best way to do this as they want to keep this in house and not use an out source training company....

    any help would be greatly welcomed! thanks in advance


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    For the first question... You just need access to the files that make up the website, should be able to find them on godaddy, then just load them in dreamweaver.

    For the second question... I would make a database table that has a column with the links to each video, a column that contains an id number for which job type the video is for then you can select the videos that have the specific job id number. For example in one table you might have:

    id job_type
    1 HR
    2 Janitor

    .. and so on

    then in the other table you would have

    id job_id video_link
    1 1 url to video
    2 1 url to video
    3 2 url to video
    ... and so on

    then you run a query that selects all videos with the job-id=1 when that user logs in.

    Hope this helps
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    ah yes it actually does make some sense of it all! and i do have access to all the files so now that i know i can do that, that makes me very happy! maybe i can make some sense of it all! thank you

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