I will be doing some volunteer work for a small business (pet service) and creating a website for them in the next month. I was hoping to get some ideas from you on price models. I searched Google for price models and what to charge for advertising on a website.

I'm currently looking at doing a free website using Wix.com since they have available templates that seem to fit the business I'll be designing for. The problem is what Wix.com doesn't give you the ability use Google Analytics to check for traffic unless you upgrade to Premium service. I'm not sure what Wix.com really has to offer to check traffic and whether you have to pay for them. I do know they have Real-time monitoring available. I know there are banner ads and text link ads. I don't know if there are guidelines or procedures for doing ads but was thinking of a flat fee monthly cost for all advertising methods.

Here are the questions that I have:

1. Would $40.00 month be too much to charge for?
2. While thinking about banners ads, who would need to design the graphic ads to be placed on the webpage? Would it be the advertiser or the publisher? I was thinking it would be the advertiser who wants the ads shown on the website.