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Thread: How do dating sites choose what profiles to display first?

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    Question How do dating sites choose what profiles to display first?

    Not taking matching criteria such as location, likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. into account, how do dating sites determine what profiles to display first when a user is just browsing profiles?

    My guess is they keep track of when a user was last online as well as keep track of when a user's profile was last displayed and use a combination of both to determine which profile to display first.

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    My guess is the go by $$$ (people who are subscribers), account activity and then last on. Though last on and account activity might be switched or given equal value depending on the company.

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    What do you mean by account activity? And so you don't think there needs to be a tracker for the last time the profile was displayed? Thanks for your input!

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    Well, there doesn't have to be anything, it could just be random.
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    I would suspect that at least some sites merely filter on age band, and (perhaps) sort by distance. Why would they do otherwise for people just browsing? They want to make it seem they have plenty of potential matches, irrespective of how many there are on their books!

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    You are right , the filter on age band and other attributes is one way of doing it or we can also go for some kind of questions which can help us sort out this problem.

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