Hi.. I am looking forward to creating a CRM application as my main project. I would'n mind learning a whole new language as part of this project as well. Do you think this will be a feasible project to complete in 8-10 months, considering that I am going to learn a new language and do this from scratch.

My Current expertise: C(Expert), C++(Expert), Java (Basic)

Project vision:
1) Create a database which will contain the entire customer data of an Insurance company. ( I have spoken to an insurance company who will let me do this project for them).
2) Create separate modules for the Call center, Lead Management, Sales followup, Renewal Tracking all within the scope of manipulating and massaging the exiting data.
3) Generate an automated log in credential for each customer, wherein they can service their own policy and change their contact details.
4) Send automated email and SMS to customer on life cycle points like renewal reminder, calamity notice, birthday greeting etc.
5) Create separate secure log in for each back-end user and higher management.
6) Display summaries and basic analytic of data according to the user log in type as relevant to the user.

(These would be the major blocks of the project. But I am sure a lot more things would come in as I progress).

Major Questions:
How should I proceed with the whole concept. I am a B.Tech computer science engineering student with a good logical literacy. I am good at programming, though our university didn't concentrate on exposing us to a wide variety of languages. We are trained only in C and C++.

At a conceptual, I can well lay down the architecture. But at a low level, I am confused what technologies to use, which programming language to depend on and what are the Database options I should look at.

Would be really kind if one of you can bless me with some valuable guidance. I don't mind even if you treat me as a dumb-starter, which will give me a more elaborated understanding on the way forward.

I am determined! Please help :-)