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Thread: Transfering .csv from application to server

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    Transfering .csv from application to server


    I have an application that runs on a users machine (i.e. they download it and install locally). The application generates a .csv/.txt file which I would then like to be "sent" to my web server so I can display it on the website.

    What would be the best way to send the file from the application to the server

    Someone suggested using an IP and socket number?? Not sure where I would start with that though? For reference I use shared hosting..


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    Do you want the desktop app to do this automatically? If that's not required, you could just make a web form that has a file-type input field, and point the form's action to a script on that server that will accept the file and process it as desired.

    If you do want the desktop app to handle it, then it depends on what functionality is available to that app's programming language/environment. If it can process cURL requests, that would be a fairly simple way to submit the file in the same manner as the HTML form described above would do it.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    If the application were required to send data every second to my server would this also be the best way? My app captures stats and I would like them to be displayed on a webpage every second.


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