I have an IT company developing a web site for my small business. One of the briefs I gave them at the onset was that I wanted an "windows explorer" type interface embedded in the web site which will be used as an access point to the FTP server stored at my office. Essentially the website will simply be (Apart from the standard home page, about page, portfolio, etc.) a portal / conduit for the transfer directly from the user's (my customer) physical PC to my FTP server. After months of frustration, they have finally conceded that they are not sure how to do this.

Can anyone provide some input please. I am really hoping that there is some free plugin / script that can be incorporated into the development side of the website. Having a situation where apart from the usual tabs on the web site, there is also a tab (perhaps called FTP), that will have the look and feel of a standard file manager like windows explorer. I am also hoping for some additional functionality functionality like being able to drag and drop files directly from the users PC onto the web site which will then upload to my ftp. The location where the files will end up on the FTP will be a function of the username, and he will of course need to login before making any file transactions.

I know that the IT company that is developing the site should be asking this question, but for whatever reason, the urgency just doesn't feel like it is there and I would really like to nudge them along with some form of (for the sake of this discussion), plugin.

Any advice or ideas are welcome.