Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have a major development issue that's really time crucial, so any advice is much appreciated.

I am not a very educated developer, I really only know html and css, and have made a few sites using wordpress. I have started on a new project for work, and as I always have, I started the design on my localhost using xampp and wordpress. There seems to be a major sql problem, I wonder if the issue is poor coding in the theme, but keep in mind after this happened the first time (and I lost all my sql info) I deleted and uninstalled everything and restarted, only to find the issue happening again.

The issue:

I installed xampp and wordpress, using localhost as my working domain, did about 10 hours of web design customizing my theme I chose, shutdown the pc, went to sleep. The next day when I start up xampp, apache starts, filezilla starts, and mysql fails. I have the error log but i can't make any sense of any of it due to my lack of knowledge. Obviously with the sql down I can't access my site hosted on my localhost. What is the issue? Any ideas?

The log is too many characters to post in this post so here is a link to the file: