Hi All!

I am new to Javascript, and coding in general, and I am trying to make a simple loan amortization table to cement my study so far.

But, I am unsure as to the best way to input the formula I need into my code. I am receiving error messages associated with that line of code in the console (Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ; ).

I figure that I must be making an error in how I am writing out the formula. I am trying to put this into the function:

monthlyPayment = principal * ( monthlyInterest / (1 - (1 + monthlyInterest) ^ -numberOfMonths))

I tried using the Math.pow( , ) function, but may be getting messed up there. In general, I would really appreciate feedback on this code- first time independently trying to make anything in Javascript. Many Thanks!

var principal= 100000
var annualInterest = 5
var lengthYears= 15

function monthlyPayment (principal, annualInterest, lengthYears){
	var monthlyInterest = annualInterest/(12*100);
	var numberOfMonths = lengthYears*12;
    var monthlyPayment = principal * ((monthlyInterest/(1-Math.pow((1+monthlyInterest)), (-1*numberOfMonths)));
    return monthlyPayment;

while (principal> 0){
	monthlyInterest =  (principal*monthlyInterest);
	var principalPayment = (monthlyPayment-monthlyInterest);
	var newBalance = (principal-principalPayment);
	principal = newBalance;