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Thread: Please Review: GlasgowGym.com

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    Please Review: GlasgowGym.com

    Glasgow Gym

    I built a modified WordPress theme to make this site.
    There is a problem with the Facebook "like" button that I need to fix... the share works fine, but the like button gets chopped off when it's clicked for some strange reason.
    I tried to set the z-index to 1000 but no joy.

    I put a star rating system into the section where I rank the gyms of Glasgow, it was a major pain in the neck to get working in Wordpress and I finally resorted to an iframe solution. Screw it, if it's good enough for YouTube, it's good enough for me.

    The plans for this page are to visit each of the gyms in Glasgow and rate them for their various attributes.
    Images are my own or open source from Wikimedia Commons.
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