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Thread: White space on application.

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    White space on application.


    My application is almost ready (calculator).

    But it's just a 250*250 box, that means I've got a lot of white space.

    So if the user downloads it he actually just download a whole site for just a calculator.
    How can I avoid this and how can I make it non-browser?

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    Hmm, this thread is in HTML category. What do you mean by 'application' and 'downloading'? Is it webapp (with e.g. js) or clear html (with page reloading). In both cases you need a web browser to 'run' them. If it must be 'non-browser' you have to write your application in one of many compiled environments. Or write a simple web browser that will connect only to your website and have 250x250px window size.

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