Hello guys,

Would like to get any feedabck about the newest site I did: http:www.enjoyinspiration.com

Enjoy Inspiration is a very cool and out of the box website showing each day 1 image per category. It is like having many dail inspiration sites into one nicely designer and clean website. There is everything for everyone. From web design, graphics, logo to hotels, building, photography, song of the day, quotes...

The updates come daily (including Sunday) at around 8 am GMT. The site offers an interesting solution showing big size images and the visitors can gain better experience and can connect to the website.
Interesting area is the city category which is showing 7 images per week for single city. Each week starting on Monday, there is new city.

Through the site, you can easy find random and interesting facts from all over the world. Only the last 7 days are visible on the site. This should make the visitors bookmark the site and visit it daily. At the end, you don't want to miss some nice photo, right?

There is a place in the main menu that allows the designers or photographers to submit their work. The wide range of categories gives an option for many people to sumbit their work. If the work meets the criteria, it gets published on the site with full credentials of the deisnger.

If you are fan of design / architecture / quality photo / interesting facts / learning about the world... then this site is worth checking: www.enjoyinspiration.com