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Thread: handling multiple file uploads?

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    handling multiple file uploads?

    I have a form which allows 6 uploads,
    HTML Code:
    <table style="width:90%; margin:0 auto" class="form">
    <td><label for='file1'>Image 1:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file1'></td>
    <td><label for='file2'>Image 2:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file2'></td>
    <td><label for='file3'>Image 3:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file3'></td>
    <td><label for='file4'>Image 4:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file4'></td>
    <td><label for='file5'>Image 5:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file5'></td>
    <td><label for='file6'>Image 6:</label></td><td><input type='file' name='file[]' id='file6'></td>
    and im trying to upload them.
    Heres my php code the form is submitted to
    PHP Code:
    //function to return an array of only the uploaded files
    function get_files($_FILES) {
    $files $_FILES['file'];
        while ( 
    $count <> $file_count-) {
            if (!
    is_uploaded_file($sorted_files[$count]['tmp_name'])) {


    foreach (
    $sorted_files as $file) {  

      if (
    $file == '') {

    $Type $file["type"];
    $Name $file["name"];
    $tmp_name $file["tmp_name"];
    $Error $file["error"];
    $Size $file["size"];
    $Error 0){
    'An error ocurred when uploading.';
    $Type != 'image/png') && ($Type != 'image/gif') && ($Type != 'image/jpeg') && ($Type != 'image/bmp'))
    'Unsupported filetype uploaded.';
    $Size 102400){
    'File uploaded exceeds maximum upload size.';
    $now time(); 
    file_exists($uploadFilename $now.'-'.$Name)) 
    'Error uploading file - check destination is writeable.';
    $message .= "\n<tr><td>Image</td><td colspan='2'><input type='text' value='".$uploadFilename."' name='file[]' size='40'><br>Type: <b>".$Type."</b><br>Size: <b>".intval(($Size 1024))." KB</b></td>";
    $message .= "<td><img src='http://shores-rentals.com/rentals//uploads/".$uploadFilename."' width='150'></td></tr>\n";
    But nothing seems to get printed to the screen if I try to upload a file (image)

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    I think your variables should be like this:


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    Try out with this one, has worked fine for me:-

    Replace:<input type='file' name='file[]' id='file1'></td>

    With:<input type="file" name="image[]" multiple="multiple" />

    and to loop over this files:

    foreach ( $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'] as $key => $val ) {

    $fileName = $_FILES['image']['name'][$key];
    $fileSize = $_FILES['image']['size'][$key];
    $fileTemp = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'][$key];

    $fileExt = pathinfo($fileName, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
    $fileExt = strtolower($fileExt);

    // Continue

    Hope this helps.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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