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Thread: Looking for an available tech/co founder to a brilliant idea I have! Need web develop

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    Cool Looking for an available tech/co founder to a brilliant idea I have! Need web develop

    Hello my name is Brad

    What I am trying to create is a social media website/app together using the same database so you can access it cross-platform. It is an anonymous feed that filters each community by location. Probably targeting highschool students and their drama/cliques and social inequalities! But.. I'd love the adsense money

    Not just your average bully anonymous website there will be some plus sides to it, like being able to up/down vote comments. Strict moderation on certain posts, especially if complaints are made. Videos will be offered and mp3 files, all sorts of features! Maybe a chat on the side who knows, I need ideas more than the ones I already have.. Something to go viral, I have the money and in need of someone who can skype with me over voice etc and work closely with me and have qualities of creativity!

    Please PM me if you are interested in the job description I have posted!

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    Hello my friend,

    I read your all requirements very carefully and I am very interested to do this project with you.I have very good experience in designing and website development.I am designing and developing social network website too. Also I can help you with apps.

    I am very good in:

    HTML5 and CSS3
    JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery
    All the Php firmworks

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Dhairya Ganatra

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