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Thread: Automatic Word Count for User Uploaded Files

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    Automatic Word Count for User Uploaded Files

    I am creating a web site that will allow users to upload a Word document. I can create a simple upload form, but I would really like for a user to get a word count of their document before they actually upload the file.

    Ideally, a user would get an immediate count after choosing the file they would upload, and then the user choose to go ahead and upload the file. An example of what I mean can be found on this page: https://www.kibin.com/upload

    The integration of word count and upload option isn't essential. That is, I'd be happy just to allow users with a way to get a quick automatic count of a file and then selecting the same file again in a different form to upload it.

    If anyone knows how this can be done, I'd be grateful. I've searched for days and can't find anything.

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    This automatic word count seems to be really great! Now I use it all the time and it helps so much! By the way, I found another excellent service for word count - http://youresearchpaper.com/college-assignment-help/ You may try it also, it's also great!

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    Here is a document parser on github, author describes as "A PHP parser for getting the text from a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt file". After upload you just do a word count on the plain text, i haven't used it but you may want to look into it:

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    Hi everyone! I tested this word count and it works good. Another exmaple of a good automatic word cound can be seen here https://essayag.org - it's also is excellent for use.

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