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Thread: Why I am told my site has adult content? I feel stupid :(

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    Why I am told my site has adult content? I feel stupid :(

    Colleagues, Hi!

    I am struggling to improve my programming-related site CodeAbbey and along with other means and tools I sometimes check http://mysitecost.com - not for "website price", but for few bits of info about my site visibility etc.

    However, today I read here:


    That my site contains adult content.

    I have no idea why it thinks so and whether other sites will think so - and whether this will harm my site. I could not find any problems with the site as for now... Could anyone give any hints?

    thanks in advance!

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    Are you sure that the only files on your web site are the ones you put there? You could be inadvertently hosting more than you intended! That, or might there be some key words you've used that are open to misinterpretation?

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