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Thread: Request for help - Page displays differently in IE

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    Request for help - Page displays differently in IE

    Hi guys and girls, this issue has made me seek you out. I will of course reciprocate on other threads where i can, but for now I need a little help.

    The home page of this website - http://www.yourhealthgroup.co.uk/index.php is displaying diffrently to the other pages on the site.

    The differences are the page drops 2/3 px's on the home page. Indicated by a small grey area.

    The second difference is the submenues are not lined up correctly, note the white space. (Especially noticeable in the last submenu).

    Here's the strange this the menu is in a shared php file and the page uses the same css file.

    I will look at any unique padding and border settings on child elements on the home page to see if this is causing the issue.

    Suggestions welcome and appreciated

    kevin @ coolpenguin.co.uk

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    Can you correct the following errors first?

    CSS [Ignore any properly formed CSS3 rules that may have been flagged]


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    The problem in IE is with the "border-left: 10px solid #333333;" rule. If I remove this, it works in IE (but obviously breaks in Firefox).

    Are you viewing it in IE 6 or 7? If so, in those browsers the site becomes a fixed width (slightly narrower) because of IE's lack of support of max-width and media queries.

    Hope this helps.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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    Hi and thank you for replying. I figured it out! because the code had been originally copied and pasted from an older site it contained a legacy document mode declaration - content="IE=7", this was causing the page to behave differently. I have of course removed the declaration and the page now performs correctly. Thanks for getting back to me though. I hope I can help in other threads and keep this going. http://www.coolpenguin.co.uk

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