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Thread: Automatic email issues for updates

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    Automatic email issues for updates


    I'm new here so a big HELLO!

    I was needing help so stumbled across this website.

    I'm looking to create a website which would send out a email automatically to Person A (example) when i receive an update from another website.

    Basically its this -

    Receive a RNS from here(http://www.londonstockexchange.com/e...news-home.html) -> Send Email instantly to Person A when there interested company releases an update.

    Not sure what i would be looking at for creating this this kind of service?
    Never done this type of thing before!

    Here is another website does the same http://www.rnsalert.com/

    Issue with them is that some of the updates are a bit delayed!

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    Let me cut this down a little.

    How would i be able to caputre an update from a website? (http://www.londonstockexchange.com/e...news-home.html)

    everytime a update appears that i am looking for, how would i be able to capture it? That link above does not update itself either.

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    Why can't you simply sign up with the alert site you mentioned? And or have Person A sign up?
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