Hello and welcome to this thread. My name is Anders Falk. I hope you will join this project and help me out.

What do i search?

I search you who got experience to code websites and I also search you who are a designer with a good experience.

About the project?
I have bought the domain cursetube.com. I will make that to a site there people can create accounts, upload videos and pictures with the
categories --> Funny, Fails, Games, Music and more.

This site will be like Youtube but I think the name can make many users to come and stay. I will also to have an forum and a Shop. In the shop people can upgrade there users to VIP USER.

With the Vip user you can post how much threads, videos and more how much you want. But if you not are a VIP user then the normal user have limits about post and that.

Payment for the scripter and designer
Well there is no money now as always. But I got more ideas how to make people come to the site. Anyway the payment will be 300 euros for the designer and 500 euros for the coder when the site have earn that kind of money.

Want to join?
You can always contact me at skype. My name is in skype is angryencoder

I hope you like it and join! Here is a picture about a design I made an ugly design.