My head is hurting from hitting the wall over and over and over and ...

(Using IE7 here ... no choice) I am trying to set the attribute of onclick for a defined href. I can run a function from the js, but cannot actually set a value. I would like the href to be built as
<a class="nouona" href="javascript:void(0)" id="moreCodes" onclick="addLoadEvent()">+</a>
It seems that I can do
a.attachEvent('onclick', document.getElementById('moreCodes').onclick);
but this is not setting the onclick value, it is just running the function. I would like to see the onclick value.

var a = document.createElement("a");
       var linkText = document.createTextNode("+");
       a.href = "javascript:void(0)";
       a.setAttribute("id", 'moreCodes');
	   a.setAttribute("class", 'nouona');
As I am typing this I am realizing that I probably don't make much sense, but hopefully someone can understand what I am trying to say ... I want to set the Attribute of onClick without actually calling the function at the same time ...