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Thread: Create an image perfect for A4 printer format

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    Exclamation Create an image perfect for A4 printer format

    I've created an image to print throught web with 2480x3508 of resolution, that corresponds to the A4 standard. So i expect that the image cover the entire A4 paper, while when i go in the print preview and set to "0" all margins, i note some blank part on the left and bottom side of the paper. Why happen this?
    This is the page url http://americanhorizon.altervista.org/provastampa.html
    and this the result of the print preview

    Senza titolo-1.jpg

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    Might help:


    The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth: http://www.photoshopessentials.com/e...solution-myth/
    NOTE: "A digital image, on its own, has no inherent resolution at all. It’s just pixels. It has a certain number of pixels from left to right and a certain number from top to bottom. The width and height of an image, in pixels, is known as its pixel dimensions, and that's all a computer screen cares about."

    NOTE: "As an example, a 640480 pixel image would fill a 640480 pixel area of your screen. An 800 pixel-wide banner on a website would appear 800 pixels wide on the screen. No more, no less. And no matter what you set the image’s resolution to in Photoshop, whether it’s 72 ppi, 300 ppi or 3000 ppi, it will have no effect at all on how large or small the image appears on the screen."

    NOTE: "Image resolution affects only one thing – the size of the image when it’s printed. By setting the resolution in Photoshop, we tell the printer, not the screen, how many of the pixels in the image to squeeze into an inch of paper. The more pixels you’re squeezing into every inch of paper, the smaller the image will appear when printed. And generally speaking, the more pixels you’re printing per inch, the higher the print quality."

    Understanding DPI, Resolution and Print vs. Web Images: http://www.vsellis.com/understanding...vs-web-images/

    Image Resizing for Printing:

    Cropping and Resizing An Image For Final Output: http://www.zuberphotographics.com/co...g/resizing.htm
    Resizing Pictures to Standard Print Sizes: http://www.zuberphotographics.com/co...g/resizing.htm
    How to Resize a Photo for Printing: http://www.ehow.com/how_4442570_resi...-printing.html
    Resizing Images for Printing in Photoshop: http://www.scrapjazz.com/topics/Comp...inting/916.php
    How-to Resize an Image For Printing - Adobe Photoshop Beginner Tutorial [Video] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biH-FSeu3RM

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    I totally agree with what displayed above, you need to adjust image size by using an image resizing tool to change the image width, heigth and resolution So, which prorgamming language you are using? I can offer you the sample method on image resizing wihtin Visual Basic language.

    Public Shared Function ApplyResize(img As REImage, width As Integer, height As Integer) As Integer
    End Function

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    This could also be an issue with your printer page setup ie. margins.
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