Greetings to the webdeveloper community,

I'm looking for one of the top 5%, for a long term, yet fairly simple project. Not just someone who knows Wordpress, social media, paypal, and can write PHP like everyone else does, but someone creative, who competes with themselves, and considers most developers to be, well... to put it bluntly... lame.
My vision is a largely untapped market, with unlimited potential for the right team, which I'm in the process of building.
No, it won't be the next Facebook, and it's definitely nowhere near as complicated. The developer I'm looking for will see the potential immediately, and be excited by it. Most others just won't get it.
If you know an elite developer, who might be tired of going after one freelancing job after another, please send them to my page, and have them mention you when they contact me. If you are an elite developer, please visit my page to learn more.
Best wishes, and thank you for your time.