I have been working on redesigning my website/store. Some of the images are turning out upside down or sideways. The ones that are have been taken with an iphone camera, but there are others that are staying the way they are supposed to. On my screen when I add them to the page, they are all upright. When I uploaded them to my server they were all upright, but now they aren't...Also, when I view the pages on my phone, the images are coming out upside down or sideways does anyone have any ideas?

My website is: http://www.teafaerie.com

is a good example. The first one shown, if I view it from my iphone, it is sideways. If I click that picture it is sideways whether on the pc or on the phone. BUT, it is right side up on my personal pc that I worked from was right side up when I uploaded it. The pictures are all in .jpg formats.

Thank you for your help