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Thread: Humming Bird ?

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    Humming Bird ?

    Hi forums,

    Few days back, Google announced a new search Algorithm named "humming bird". Pls Share your views & opinion about the update here?

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    humming bird

    The Google Hummingbird update is a complete overhaul of the search algorithm rather than the incremental tweaks that have been represented by Penguin, Panada, and others. This update has been made because of how people’s browsing habits are changing. If you’ve seen Google’s Nexus 7 ad then you have an idea of the changes Google is making with Hummingbird. - See more at: http://osostudio.com/seo/what-google....UhlpFMSE.dpuf

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    Hummingbird is a new algorithm of Google. Over 200 major ingredients are control by Hummingbird. This algorithm find the meaning of search query or phrases. It is the better filter to help stay out awful objects.

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